The appreciation of the renminbi on the instrument industry import and export effect

Date:2012-9-29 10:00


  According to the authoritative department statistics, in 2009 1 ~ December, appearance of our country instrument accumulative total exports 38914000000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 10.2%; total imports amounted to $66996000000, an increase of 13.8%; realize a trade deficit of 28082000000 dollars. As everyone knows, the domestic high-end instruments products have more than 70% mainly relies on imports. The appreciation of the renminbi makes the relative purchasing power increases, the mainly to imports of raw materials production enterprise, reduce the cost of procurement of raw materials, contribute to the increased profits. Domestic equipment enterprises can make full use of the chance of RMB appreciation, take active measures, through the introduction of foreign high quality parts and components products to the products of independent research and development of。

 In the long run, RMB appreciation will influence the instrumentation industry in China 's export, export enterprises will be affected by the negative impact of the appreciation of exchange rate. RMB appreciation on the import business of foreign currency debt proportion is high, the large size of the industry is a long-term favorable, but the main export business, foreign currency assets business impact is bigger, especially for the domestic general analytical instruments, laboratory equipment and other low price, weak competitiveness of enterprises brought negative effect more。

  The appreciation of the renminbi means in export sales prices remain unchanged, export renminbi is reduced, and the cost of purchasing and sales, management, financial cost of 3 with almost no change, the result is the profit space was compressed, even deficit. For those with low get victory, low-technology products export enterprises, export profit margins are very low, then digested due to exchange rate fluctuations arising from the loss, more make the enterprise be tough, even affect the survival and development of enterprises。

  And how to avoid the RMB appreciation brings loss, you may wish to refer to three points: one is to avoid direct dollars for RMB; two is the agent of choice for export, the risk to foreign trade companies; three is to improve the additional value of the products, diversified market structure, products exported from Russia to South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other economically developed countries and regions, because these countries and regions with strong consumption, price bear force is strong。

  To deal with exchange rate risk, essential is to rely on enterprise oneself break out of an encirclement, namely, walk out of a transformation and upgrading of the road, and constantly increase the technological content of products, to strengthen the construction of independent brands, to improve product added value and core competitiveness. Only such, ability is in the international market to win competitive advantage。

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