The instrumentation industry malaise dragged Development hind legs

Date:2012-9-29 10:06

  Learned from relevant departments, in order to ensure“From field to fork”Safety, enhance our product quality and safety inspection and testing ability and level, the government will invest 5.8 billion yuan building the quality and safety of agricultural products inspection system, of which about 70% of the investment for the purchase of detection analysis equipment。

  The detection analysis equipment, including a variety of testing instruments.Actually,“Scientific instruments is essential in our day-to-day social life, it is not a big industry, but it is distributed in the various sectors of social production, automated instrumentation, such as industrial production, health system for clinical use and a variety of life science researchmedical equipment, etc.。”China Instrument Society of the Secretary-General of the Council of Experts Xiaozhong Han researcher told the "Outlook" Newsweek。

  Seemingly“Supporting role”Which is,“Core”

  “Instrumentation for research and industrial production are often seen as‘Supporting role’,Fact has long been a core part of the Chinese scientific and technological development and to enhance the quality of industrial products important. Many facts have proved that China's scientific and technological strength and economic development in the throat card instrumentation mark”。Held recently in“The Instrument Science Innovation Development Seminar”On,Academician of Wang Daheng of expert of famous optical speech caused participants resonance。

  “Machine”。The instrument is a tool for understanding the world, and machine tools to transform the world. The instrument is unknown scientific tools for understanding of the world, but also as a tool to control the production process. "From this perspective, the instruments belonging to IT scientific understanding of the world of information about the original source of the data, occupies an important position in the Information Technology”。If there is no state-of-the-art instruments, contemporary scientific research is difficult to obtain innovation after decades of development from the equipment, scientific instruments into the core components。

  As“Two bombs and one satellite”The hero,On the important role of Wang Daheng scientific instruments have experience. He thinks,“Two bombs and one satellite”The successful development of,Scientific instruments is the flagship。“Equipment in the international blockade condition, can not buy. These technical equipment, only rely on their own scientific research personnel research and development, to ensure that all experiments and is safe and reliable, no danger of anything going wrong, orderly。”

  According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, records, in China's first nuclear test before, Wang Daheng guide adapted for fireball luminous dynamic observation instrument——High speed camera; in the development of our country return type satellite, he has led, guide scientific research team developed a variety of models of the earth observation camera. Go up century 80 time, our country South Pacific launch of a long-range rocket,“Yuanwang No.”Astronautic measurement ship control the use of advanced equipment, is the Changchun Institute of optics equipment. This set of equipment, which solves the problem of the world ocean space measurement of stable tracking, positioning, calibration and the anti-jamming technology frontier。

  Mechanical Engineering College of Tsinghua University, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Professor Jin Guofan to tell this print the reporter, countless facts make clear, the most advanced scientific instruments are often scientists to study required by design and manufacture their own. Who holds or has the most advanced scientific instruments, who could make the most advanced the most outstanding achievements in scientific research. Over the past 100 years, about 1/3 of the Nobel physics and chemistry prize was awarded to those in the development of scientific instruments or methods of measurement is an important innovation of scientists。
 According to understanding, scientific instruments from the laboratory stage to become commodity needs at least 3 to 5 years, during which great pioneering work had already been done by someone else, therefore, fully rely on buy to mature, commercial instruments are difficult to make the most competitive of pioneering work. This is also our country primitive innovation ability is lower than the international level is one of the important reasons。
The five letter urged the scientific instrument research and development

  It was involved in the establishment of the China Instrument Society of preparations of researcher Xiao Zhonghan, introduced our country scientists 5 to the central, importance should be attached to the development of instruments。

  In 1979 April China Instrument Society on the establishment of the general assembly, Wang Daheng, Wang Dezhao and other scientists suggested " about accelerating industrial instrumentation development several suggestions ". Suggested that the state set up the instrumentation industry administration, unified management and support the development of instrument bearing industry. Recommended by Deng Xiaoping, Fang Yi and Yu Qiuli and other leaders attach great importance, the State Council in October approved the establishment of a national instrument industry administration. Although this mechanism along with the mechanical industry department revoked and disappeared, but it is to promote our country instrumentation status plays an important role in。

  1982年,China Instrument Society to the State Council proposed to set up a Chinese Instrument Exhibition training center recommended. The then Vice Premier Fang Yi made written instructions, and to give financial support。

  On 1995, Wang Daheng, Yang Jiachi, Lu Jiaxi and other 20 members of the State Council signed a letter at that time, China's industrial instrumentation development lag of the grim situation, put forward " on the revitalization of China's industrial instrumentation proposals ", central leader takes seriously highly, Vice Premier Zhu Zhuji's instructions, the state committee of planning to set aside special funds of one hundred million yuan to support。

  In 2000 April, Wang Daheng put forward " 11 academician of China s instrumentation industry in urgent need of unified planning and centralized management advice ", be sent directly to the then Vice Premier Wen Jiabao 's desk. Subsequently, the State Planning Commission, the State Economic and Trade Commission, Ministry of science and Technology Commission China Instrument Society of the national instrument industry research. The research group preferred 7 provinces, which lasted 3 months, write special investigation report and the policy proposals for its development。

  Xiao Zhonghan says, the report has prompted the Chinese government to the first “ the instrument to the important position of ” a few words written by “ fifteen ” national economic development program. Subsequently, the state committee of planning was established on the instrumentation industry projects, each place of some related projects have launched. According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, China on instrumentation project funding has exceeded 200000000 yuan. At the same time, the bank also began to support the enterprises on instrumentation production loans, up to now, the loan amount is more than about 3000000000 Yuan。

  In 2002 April, Wang Daheng, Yang Jiachi and Jin Guofan academician book, " suggested that the state committee of planning will ‘ automation instrumentation and control system ’ column special support development ". Proposal wrote, not only our automated instrumentation and control system compared with the developed countries there is a big gap, but in recent years the support of state committee of planning instruments development in major project arrangement and investment in automation instruments and control systems are inadequate, this year the national debt project failed to train special support, project amount is too little. It with the international development trend, China's market demand, as well as must as soon as possible to reverse the China automation instrument control system and passive backward situation is very incommensurate. Suggestion“The state committee of planning on Automation Instrument and control system as soon as possible, increase the investment to support the development of special columns”。Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan made written instructions, former state committee of planning to give project approving。
The Chinese government has always attached great importance to the views of the experts and proposal, and the formulation of relevant planning to adopt. In the " national medium and long-term science and technology development plan ( 2006~ 2020 ) ", the instrumentation was included in the key areas of priority themes。
The instrumentation industry drag

  Xiao Zhonghan thought that, after decades of development, China s instrumentation industry basic constitutes the subject and industrial system, formed a certain scale. But with the instrument in the national economy and beneficial to the people's livelihood and other aspects of the role to compare, industrial scale is still small, the annual output value of only 200000000000 yuan, relevant enterprise is not big also, the largest enterprises output value of only about 2000000000 yuan. From a technical point of view, the gap with foreign countries in general is still backward for more than 10 years, especially large high-end precision instruments。

  China Association for science and technology in 2007 March published findings shows, society is the application of 90 kinds of main analysis instrument in China, only the production of more than 20, less than 1/3 of the total. Among them, life science equipment about 80 kinds, our country commercial only 6, currently in development of the approximately 10 species, from market demand far。

  Relevant information is also shown, as the development of science and technology in China based on the scientific instruments and equipment to technology developed dependence is too large, to cope with the possible containment contend ability weak. So far, China's annual formed on trillion yuan of investment in fixed assets, more than 60% are used to import equipment, and laboratory use almost 100% imported high-end precision instruments. In order to analyze the testing instrument as an example, in recent years, our country 's sales accounted for only 0.3% of global sales, and the vast majority of low-grade products, high-end equipment, such as gas chromatography mass spectrometer, NMR spectroscopy, plasma mass spectrometer, electron spectroscopy, transmission and scanning electron microscopy, automatic biochemical analyzer and nucleic acid sequencing instrument 100% dependence on imports。

  In biomedical equipment, China's dependence on the developed world extent more serious. Now the provinces of hospital clinical biochemical tests are rarely used homemade instruments. According to Customs Statistics in 2002, China's current imports of medical diagnostic equipment and testing of equipment for all imported medical equipment 65%, $1140000000, almost entirely to technology intensive scientific instruments; and our annual export medical equipment is only $260000000, one of the most number of varieties is the low technological content massage apparatus。

  It is understood, in cheap product, domestic instrumentation most can replace imported products, but high-end product reliability index, the mean time between failure and foreign product difference of about L ~2 orders of magnitude. General accuracy differ by 1 orders of magnitude. Some effect on the reliability of the key technology, such as precision machining, seal, welding technology has not been solved, leading to products, especially high-grade product performance is stable and reliable。

  Interviewed the expert points out, current foreign product update cycle is about 2 ~ 3 years, the new technology can often advance to reserve for 10 years. And our country enterprise is often through the introduction of foreign equipment to achieve product updates, development of new products in the original achievements rarely. Some use new principle products, in China is still in a blank state. Scientific Research Institute of new technology achievement track though, but with the enterprise combination of industrialization is very difficult, leading to product technology updates cycle is too long. In addition, the lack of domestic equipment for the use of object development special solution. According to the Ministry of science and technology related to research report, 2006~ between 2015, our country new bought scientific instruments will total more than 100000000000 yuan, this still does not include every 5~ 7 years need renewal quantity。

  Concerned authority personage the analysis thinks, our country instrumentation companies tend to large engineering process is not familiar with, the lack of application of technology integration, production of high-grade products more difficult. Lack of strong support system of research is also the cause of scientific instrument research and development one of the key reasons for slow。“Due to the institutional mechanisms to was not straightened, causing the instrumentation industry in China lack of high-level compound talents, lack of familiarity, proficiency in various comprehensive interdisciplinary talents. Talent shortage, is undoubtedly caused domestic instrumentation and imported products an important reason for the gap”。

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