Mass spectrometer market prosperity domestic equipment is still awkward condition

Date:2012-9-29 10:01


  Mass spectrometer as a high-end instruments for scientific research in university is more and more widely used, China as a global mass spectrometer important demand market receives more concern of the trade company, the domestic market for mass demand growth, but not the gospel of mark LOH own enterprise, scientific research field of foreign brand monopoly, Chinese instruments, but have to army ', but still unable to shake off the dilemma。

  Mass spectrometer with a very wide range of applications, involving food, the environment, human health, medicine, national security, and other related areas of analysis and testing. Has now become the most development prospects of analytical instruments, in recent years, the global market demand growth rate of more than 10%, the needs of the Chinese market growth is far greater than the proportion or even. Especially in the current human health, environmental safety and rational use of energy, is the current world problems, mass spectrometer, but also because of its analysis and detection process of accurate qualitative and quantitative ability and very popular。

  However, the growing prosperity of the market, but did not give us domestic equipment manufacturers to bring too much income, according to the current understanding of China's high-end mass spectrometry is totally dependent on imports, that is to say we are in favor of some are foreign brands, our market has become another merchant suction gold objects. This is not really“Petty profits”Ah, a mass spectrometer made also the cheapest imported hundreds of thousands, each almost 1000000 to 5000000 or more, a 211 project university light mass spectrometer a device need to invest tens of millions of,. But tens of millions and how much is for the procurement of domestic products expenditures? Not much. Peking University, Tsinghua has made the mass spectrometer? Estimated unlikely, the other as a scientific research base of institutions of higher learning? I'm afraid together no more than a dozen. The more than 10% of the demand to whom are created, Agilent? Thermo Fisher? Or Voight? Anyhow rarely is the Chinese brand。

  In fact, our country organic mass spectrometry instruments developed in the 60's has begun, no matter Beijing analytical instrument factory or Academy of science instrument factory have launched their own design and production of the chemical analysis of the mass spectrometer and GC/MS. However, domestic equipment performance, price and other aspects were not enemy foreign products, it gradually lost the market. In order to make a living, these state-owned instrument factory gradually by the independent design and production became the foreign product assembly and commissioned to repair, technology and equipment is subsequently lost. Some universities and scientific research units have been successfully developed MALDI-TOFMS instruments, but failing to become commodity。

  So the mass industry domestic brands appeared Shu no general situation, we recognize that in the high-end analytical instruments we and foreign technology gap, but cause no one shows any interest in the situation the culprit is homebred instrument——China equipment data cannot be recognized in the international. I don't know whether it is a kind of academic barriers, also don't know these international equipment manufacturers played what Maoni, in domestic equipment“Extremely big”In fact, several generations of people make painstaking efforts of research results, but in the end only to share some“Odds and ends of a meal”,This is not only the situation of embarrassment, that is also not too sad. Although the domestic mass spectrometry equipment also plays a small part of the education market, but not to engage in scientific research, but as a teaching and demonstration of the use, role model for strong than many。

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