Digital electronic level principle breakthrough technology

Date:2012-9-29 10:07

    Using a digital camera alignment measurement target,1Seconds can be read out the elevation data. Wuhan University Ye Xiaoming engineers invented digital electronic level principle breakthrough technology, recently by the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping, the expert appraisal. The results exceeded Foreign Company patent monopoly, make China Surveying and mapping equipment manufacturing technology across the last new step。
 Level instrument is widely used as a instrument of Surveying and mapping, in almost all countries in the engineering construction can see its figure, widely used in highway, bridge, channel, haven, water and other areas. According to incomplete statistics, China's annual demand for it in10Million more than。
 In foreign countries, the last century90Time will appear for digital electronic level. This apparatus can greatly reduce the labor intensity of Surveying and mapping work, avoid the subjective error in reading. Foreign manufacturers the technical principle of the protection of intellectual property rights, China can only be imported from abroad for digital electronic level, a high price of more than 10000 yuan。
 At present, the world popular digital electronic level measurement principle for the correlation method, geometry method and phase method. The invention of Ye XiaomingPercentage modulation carrier code phase measurement principle,It is a new measuring principle, realizes the equipment manufacturing technology of maximum ratio of performance to price, rapid measurement, high resolution. The result has been a number of national patent applications。
 At present, the system has been successfully applied to the newly developed Beijing Bowflex instrument Limited by Share LtdDALSeries digital level meter。

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