The large aircraft research and development to bring development opportunities for the instrumentation industry

Date:2012-9-29 10:02


  China's large aircraft slid to the starting line

  Came 17 days on January 14th, Chinese President Hu Jintao in Shanghai during the visit, inspected the bear large passenger aircraft assembly tasks in Chinese business flies to Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Company Limited, encourage employees to carry forward the scientific truth-seeking spirit, let the Chinese self-developed large passenger aircraft to fly on blue sky。

  China 's first large aircraft program from the first flight in 2014 2016, airworthiness certification, this year has started to accept bookings。

  Large aircraft must have“Chinese heart”

   “If the aircraft compared to industrial crown, so the development of the engine is the Pearl on the crown; its development is very difficult, almost no less than the reconstruction of an aircraft。”Chinese Academy of engineering, Chinese famous expert Liu Daxiang said air dynamics。

  Liu Daxiang said, the large aircraft project success is one of the key problem of power, must be based on domestic, independent research. At present, Chinese aviation industry still exists problems such as heavy light foundation. Power equipment of the heart, the final aircraft must have“Chinese heart”。

  China large aircraft engine project main commercial aircraft engine limited liability company general manager Zhang Jian said, China independently developed the first engine project completed in 2016 development,“For the domestic engine and China-made large aircraft fly on blue sky”。

  In November 3rd last year, can be matched to the future“Country name”Large aircraftC919The first homebred engine model, in Shanghai 2009 China International Industry Fair debut, this adumbrative China is making big aircraft cardiac localization development important step. The model of engine SF-A, is a thrust range of 12000 to 13000 kilograms of high bypass ratio turbofan engine。

  Our country large passenger aircraft engine project responsibility main body and total unit system for commercial aircraft engine limited liability company (the following abbreviation in business ) in Shanghai January 4th announced, China-made large aircraft engine assembly and commissioning land located in Shanghai Pudong port area, then the base function will contain assembly Chinese Aviation Industry Corp and CFM international company assembly production the LEAP-X1C aircraft engine。

  China aviation business to actively participate in international cooperation and will be committed to the domestic large aircraft“Chinese heart”。Be in Mianyang city small Jian town established aviation city, for future engine real localization to create a technology innovation platform. China aviation business development base in Shanghai city recently Minhang District started, is expected to be completed in 2013 the function construction. In January 21st and the Shanghai Jiaotong University signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the two sides will include of China-made large aircraft engine technology R & D projects started strategic cooperation。

  Large aircraft development orderly

  In the thirteenth Beijing international aerospace exhibition press conference, the first China-made large aircraft opened the mysterious veil. Chinese business flies marketing minister Chen Jin said, the first large aircraft was officially named C919, with 168 seats, is planned for 2014 2016 first flight, airworthiness certification. In 20 years, reaching an annual output of 150, annual output of new big passenger branch line plane 50 goals。

  The so-called big aircraft generally refers to the takeoff gross weight of over 100 tons of transport aircraft, including military, civil aircraft, including more than 150 trunk plane. At present in the world, only the United States in 4 European countries and Russia to build the aircraft 's ability to occupy the international market, and the only American Boeing and European Airbus Company。

  Large aircraft manufacturing will drive whole industry chain synchronous development, as the raw materials, machinery and equipment, electronics and instrumentation, financial services, aviation logistics and other related industry brings development opportunity, its technology diffusion rate60%。

  China's aviation industry has the potential to develop large aircraft technology and material basis. In 2007 February, the State Council approved in principle of large aircraft development of major scientific and technological special formal project approving, agreed to form a large passenger aircraft corporation. The large aircraft project since March, to 2009, the relevant departments have completed the initial development of large aircraft“The initial overall technical program”。

  International aviation market will be forming a new pattern

  Deputy general manager of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, large passenger aircraft designer Wu Guanghui said, Airbus ( Airbus) and Boeing ( Boeing ) respectively by A and B beginning, China's first large aircraft C919 starts with C, meaning that we aspire to become the international airliner market, in the international airliner manufacturing industry in the form of ABC and pattern。

  China has become the United States outside of the world's largest civil aircraft market, in the“Eleven five”Air passenger volume in 95%. To 2015, China on aircraft total demand will reach more than 2000. Commercial Aircraft Corp of China Sales Manager Chen JinSaid:“China-made large aircraft with similar models compared with very clear competitive advantage。”He said, in the fuel consumption than all current C919 can reduce 12%-15%。

  Wu Guanghui expresses, this year of China-made large aircraft has started to accept bookings. Estimates of future 20 years, China large aircraft with more than 2000 rack Market Share。

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