Eleven five period instrument industry from cold to hot

Date:2012-9-29 10:08

  With the series of national key project implementation, has been left out of the instrumentation industry has been the government 's attention and support. In addition,“Eleven five”During, our country will continue to implement and restart key projects, these projects for the instrument to bring enormous business opportunities, policy support for instrumentation constitutes a direct positive. The instrumentation industry has not received due attention, the Related Companies performance is not ideal, the listing Corporation investment value analysis to focus on its main product and its downstream industry demand, focus on the future growth potential。

  And we're from Shanghai instrument industry association was informed that, at the end of 2007 is expected in the association under the guidance of facilitating Shanghai instrument enterprises cluster, so as to make the instrumentation industry to establish a good core power. In Shanghai, give priority to the development of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry direction, instrumentation development has ushered in the opportunity. As the connection of government and enterprise bond, the association will make full use of this opportunity, instrumentation industry to provide services for the revival of. At present, Shanghai Instrument Industry Association has a member 127, among the private enterprises accounted for 91%, while most enterprises at present the product is single, cannot satisfy“A small number of varieties”Requirement。But the instrumentation market growing, all walks of life are in need of such products. To this end, the association in 2007 will be a number of private enterprises industrial cluster, forming a close and flexible specialization and division of labor and cooperation, to realize scale production。

  From the beginning of the instrumentation industry index, whether increases, or total exchange rate, the instrumentation industry leading in the Shanghai Composite Index, the main reason is that power instrumentation stocks overall rose sharply, the industry index contribution is enormous, but because of low weight, the Shanghai Composite Index has little contribution. From power instrumentation stock rise considerably circumstance looks, the main funds have been heavily involved in the instrumentation industry, other industry is very likely to become the new capital involved in target. According to the instrumentation industry, public information tracking monitoring, we find there are many agencies are involved, and, firms involvement was significantly higher than that of other industries. So it can be found, along with the strength of the body to intervene in succession, instrumentation industry is more and more favored by the market, some of the huge market demand for high-speed growth, the stock is expected to strong。

  In two levels of markets, instrumentation plate strong early rising, with the broader market after the callback, the recent rally, investors show confidence in the future development of the industry. Along with the national basic construction and policy support, instrumentation plate will accelerate the rise, investors may be the growth stocks shall focus。

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