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Eleven five period instrument industry from cold to hot

With the series of national key project implementation, has been left out of the instrumentation industry has been the government 's attention and support. In addition,“Eleven five”During, our country will continue to implement and restart key projects, these projects for the instrument to bring enormous business opportunities, policy support for instrumentation constitutes a direct positive. The instrumentation industry has not received due attention, the Related Companies performance is not ideal, the listing Corporation investment value analysis to focus on its main product and its downstream industry demand, focus on the future growth potential.

Digital electronic level principle breakthrough technology

Using a digital camera alignment measurement target,1Seconds can be read out the elevation data. Wuhan University Ye Xiaoming engineers invented digital electronic level principle breakthrough technology, recently by the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping, the expert appraisal. The results exceeded Foreign Company patent monopoly, make China Surveying and mapping equipment manufacturing technology across the last new step.

The instrumentation industry malaise dragged Development hind legs

Learned from relevant departments, in order to ensure“From field to fork”Safety, enhance our product quality and safety inspection and testing ability and level, the government will invest 5.8 billion yuan building the quality and safety of agricultural products inspection system, of which about 70% of the investment for the purchase of detection analysis equipment.

High precision portable heavy metal measuring instrument come out in Japan

HydrocephalusChemical IndustryCorporation and Hiroyuki Suzuki, a professor at the University of Tsukuba in Japan Chapter jointly developed can be a short time into the Heavy metal analysis portable analytical instruments, high-precision analysis of high-precision and large the same level of analytical instruments, the instrument can be completed within five minutes of low concentrations of the heavy metals lead, cadmium, arsenic, selenium 1ppb below mercury 0.1ppb following highKeenAnalysis.

Zhongyi Association Test Instrument Branch 5th General Assembly held in Qingdao

The test instrument Branch of China Instrument Industry Association Fifth Conference on2007年9月5-7The test instrument Branch of China Instrument Industry Association Fifth Conference on.........。

Mass spectrometer market prosperity domestic equipment is still awkward condition

Mass spectrometer as a high-end instruments for scientific research in university is more and more widely used, China as a global mass spectrometer important demand market receives more concern of the trade company, the domestic market for mass demand growth, but not the gospel of mark LOH own enterprise, scientific research field of foreign brand monopoly, Chinese instruments, but have to army ', but still unable to shake off the dilemma。

The appreciation of the renminbi on the instrument industry import and export effect

According to the authoritative department statistics, in 2009 1 ~ December, appearance of our country instrument accumulative total exports 38914000000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 10.2%; total imports amounted to $66996000000, an increase of 13.8%; realize a trade deficit of 28082000000 dollars.
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