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YTN series seismic pressure gauge

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YTNSeries of seismic pressure gauge
YTN-100The seismic table is mainly suitable for measuring fluctuating pressure, is widely used in petroleum, chemical, machinery, coal, medicine and other industries, for example, for oil production, drilling, fracturing, BOP. Instrumentation and good seismic performance. Use not only measure the pressure of intense pulsating and Britain earthquake withstand transient pressure shocks, as well as the installation location and transportation process, indicating a smooth, clear. Also used to measure static pressure. Meter with anti-"Block"The characteristics,The measured media can not enter the inside of the instrument, thus allowing for the high viscosity of the medium, and high granularity, easy solidification, such as mud. Safe and reliable to use, the instrument has a reliable sealing and anti-corrosion measures, you can work in harsh environments, you can work in harsh environments。
The main technical parameters
1、Measuring range:16MPa, 25MPa, 35MPa, 40MPa,60MPa, 80MPa,100MPa,120MPa、160Mpa.Other pressure range:psi, Kg/cm2, kPa, bar。
2、Instrument: the instrument mainly by sealing pad, diaphragm group hookswitch transmission indicating mechanism and shell。
3、Operating temperature: ambient temperature of the instrument work.-25-55C
4、Main models:YTN-100、YTN-150As well as rotaryYTN-100B
5、Accuracy class: 1.6(≥40Mpa);2.5(≤25Mpa)
6、Connecting thread:R 3/2", R2", NPT 3/2", NPT2", M20×1.5
7、Installation dimensions: (length, width, height)

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