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Multi-parameter instrument:
Multi-parameter instrument of SZJ-CT-type drilling rig or workover supporting instrument, measuring various parameters of the rig or workover. Driller instrument display, computer terminals and software, a variety of sensors and installation cables and hydraulic lines and other components. The instrument can monitor large hook hanging, the WOB, rotary torque dozens of parameters. The instrument uses a large touch screen LCD display with a hydraulic table refers to the heavy table, pump pressure gauge. Data acquisition using the bus node and module technology, real-time monitoring of the drilling process, the to help driller master the working status of the rig. Can store, print, query, optimized for on-site drilling, fault diagnosis and exclude provide the basis, and provide historical data for drilling。
Drilling multi-parameter instrument by the sensor, bus nodes, foreground drill significant unit and captain of office computers,。


Technical Specifications:
Operating Temperature(℃): -30~70
Relative humidity(%): 0~90
Large hook hanging WOB measurement range(kN) :0~5000 (Uncertainty±1.5%F.S)
The dial torque measurement range(kN.m) :0~40(Display 0-500) (uncertainty±2.5%F.S)
Tongs torque measurement range (kN): 0 to 100 (tail rope pull) (uncertainty±2.5%F.S)
Standpipe pressure measurement range (MPa): 0 to 40 (Uncertainty±1.5%F.S)
Speed ​​of turntable(r/min): 0~300
Pump speed(s/min): 0~300
Percentage of mud reflux(%): 0~100
Operating voltage(V) :220VAC±10% (47~63Hz)

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