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Mechanical Dynamometer

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Mechanical Dynamometer

Available for oil drilling, mining exploration indicates the drill pipe hanging weight; tension measurements available for river transport marine fishing; traction measurements available for the defense industry, transport machinery, agricultural machinery; available power supply systems, engineering and construction, the tension of the belt conveyormeasurement; push pull test after the repair of the available railway electric switch machines and other instantaneous value and other physical tests. The series is also equipped with the maximum value of the measured tension indicating mechanism attached needle, can be read in the measured and the maximum tension value, and more than attached to the pointer indicates the alarm function.

The main technical parameters

1、Rally Table 2.0 accuracy
2、Basic error≤±2.0%F.S
3、Measuring range(kN): 0~5 0~10 0~30 0~50 0~80 0~120 0~160
Note: 1, used to avoid moisture and strong vibration and prevent dust from entering the statement..
     2 measured tension should be applied to the axis of the tension table.
     3、Measured tension should not exceed the limits on the tension table. This table does not have a special insurance institutions have the empty slip institutions beyond the load only in the movement and deformation of the body part is just some of the safety factor increases, overload should not exceed the limits it imposed in the course of 30 % otherwise, the decline in the life of the table.
    4、Dial pointer is not zero bit, can be equipped with table setting lever to mobilize dial alignment zero.
    5、Rally table should be sent to the metrology department test, the test period of six months or a year.

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