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RTC series overpressure automatic

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RTCSeries overpressure automatic control device
The RTC series overpressure automatically control device is mainly applied to the oil, mining, exploration and large pumping station (such as drilling mud, cementing the cement pump, downhole fracturing pump high pressure pump). Both on-site direct indication of the working pressure of the pump, but also play the role of the overpressure automatic control, ensure safe production, high-pressure pump safety devices must。
1、Reliable automatic control functions。
2、Regulation, according to the safety of a variety of pump pressure requirements, anywhere in the entire measurement range to adjust the control pressure。
3、Seismic performance of the entire device, due to seismic electrical contacts in the device hookswitch seismic table plus electric contact device, not only the ability of environmental vibration, medium intense pulsating, can withstand the sudden relief。
4、Electrical circuits using self-hold circuit, reliable work, as long as the the pointer slightest contact, the electrical wiring to an electric signal, not disconnected due to vibration caused by an electrical signal。
5、Reasonable structure, easy to install, and quickly reset characteristics, when the high-pressure pump immediately stop work over the control pressure, hand to press the reset button, high-pressure pump immediately begin work。
6、The low-voltage DC power supply, safe and reliable。
Technical parameters:
1、Electric contact the slurry pressure gauge pressure range:40MPa,60Mpa,100Mpa, 120Mpa, 160Mpa.
2、Temperature conditions:-40℃~+55℃。
The power supply voltage of the circuit operationDC:12V、24V。
Operating current≤2A。
Working Pressure:0.4~1MPa。
Regulated power supply input voltageAC、220V、±10%。
Connecting threadZG1½、ZG¼;。

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