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F-type mud pressure gauge

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F-type table can accurately display the mud pressure value. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, machinery, coal, medicine and other industries, such as for oil production, drilling, fracturing, BOP, mainly used in the detection of the mud pump on the standpipe pressure, this type of mud pressure gauge has smooth, clear reading instructions, suitable for long distance observation. Meter with anti-“Block”The characteristics,The measured media can not enter the inside of the instrument, thus allowing for the high viscosity of the medium, and high granularity, easy solidification, such as mud.Has been widely used in Europe and the United States。
1. Standard pressure value
  21,000kPa, 35,000kPa, 40,000kPa,
  21MPa, 35MPa, 40MPa,
  210bar, 350bar, 400bar
2. The connecting thread: can provide two-inch NPT female fitting, can also be provided with a by azelaic connector or customized according to customer。
3. Work environment:-45℃~ +65℃
4. Can be provided with a flange or union。
5.D-type, F-type。
Ordering Information
1.Pressure range
2.Connector thread

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